A New Concept
in Perfumery

In Al Zahra perfumes are jewelry, made ​​exclusively for single women, mature, strong personality, independent, seductive and powerful . Women who do not give up their femininity and realizing their dreams, women who conquer the mystery and not by excessive exposure of their privacy. Each perfume is able to convey emotions and to dream.

Unlike floral bases of the West, the Eastern essences are carefully built wood base, amber, oud, exotic flowers and spices. The packaging is made ​​of crystal and / or glasses with applications of jewels and high relief, put up in exclusive boxes like jewelry, as special as the historical tradition of the Arab people in the art of perfumery.

Composition of the perfumes
The composition of the perfumes is based on a combination of fragrance notes: "top", "middle" and "base". "Top" is the one we sense first, when it evaporates. "Middle" is detected after nearly three hours and "base" is perceived after four hours.

Using good perfume provides diverse experiences, which vary according to how long one wears it, the skin and temperature, among other aspects. Finding out the ideal fragrance for your skin type, style and personality is a lifelong, greatly pleasant task.